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Monday, December 19, 2005

The exploding CD

Remeber that Mythbusters episode where they tested if CDs could shatter in drives? Well, I don't remember their exact conclusion, but I can now say from personal experience - myth 100% confirmed.

We were installing XP on a box here at work, and suddenly *BAM* a really loud bang. Confused as hell, we look at the computer. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, but the windows install has stopped. We eject the drive and see this:

CD totally shattered! Now this was no cheap CD-R with a off-center sticker or something like that, it was an original pressed WinXP CD. Drive wasn't making any strange noise or anything beforehand. Strange stuff...


  • Would you say it shattered into several million BITS? Hahahaha.

    By Blogger d, at 21:13  

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