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Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 in retrospect

Yes, my blog has been woefully neglected the past year, so I better start this year a bit more productively with a look back at 2008.

Major things for me during 2008 was first of all that I added several nice items to my collection of old 80ies computers:

  • Commodore Plus/4

  • Commodore VIC-20

  • Philips NMS-8245 (MSX2)

  • Atari 130XE

  • Commodore 64 (old bread-bin model, I had a C64C before)

I also had a very productive year on the demoscene (after a bit slow start the first months), releasing more stuff than I have ever done any previous year:

  • 407566 - C64 onefile demo, released in April

  • Very Much Useless - Sega VMU demo, winner of mixed compo at LCP2008 in August

  • Pseudocode - C64 demo, 3rd in C64 compo at LCP2008 in August

  • 126b - VIC-20 intro, released in August

  • Ancient School - VIC-20 demo, winner of Sundown oldschool demo competition in September

  • Invasion of the big pixels - MSX1 demo, 2nd place at the Grep White demo competition in December

I'll be very pleased if I can keep the same tempo this year!