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Monday, July 18, 2005

SameGame released and some rocket science

First of all, SameGame2, my J2ME puzzle game is now released.

Now the rocket science part: This Saturday, me, my brother and a friend where going to head to Säve to watch some of Swedens fastest streetracers duke it out on the strip. The weather turned out to be a bit questionable though, so we decided not to go. Instead, I decided to take up some light rocket science and try to construct a water rocket. The blueprints I found on the internet involved some parts we couldn't find just lying around, but with some imagination and duct tape I managed to construct something resembling a rocket. My brother got the dubious honor of being the launch man, and while he ofcourse got soaked, atleast some of the times the rocket went airborne, and once even to a respectable altitude. Great fun!