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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

New J2ME game project + the NBA finals

I'm currently working on a new J2ME project - an update to "SameGame", a little puzzle game I made some time ago. Currently I'm doing routines to create the graphic blocks scaled to any display size the game might run on. Drawing nice-looking circles (especially very small ones) is not as easy as it sounds, I've been trying lots of approaches, starting with using the built-in fillArc() but currently leaning toward my own special implementation.

The NBA finals is also under way, and saying that Phoenix-Miami would have been a more exciting matchup is an understatement. San Antonio can play some OK basketball, but Detroit's defensive-minded (more like destructive-minded) style of ball isn't my cup of tea. In last nights game they showed Stevie Wonder sitting courtside - I'm guessing that's about the only audience that can appreciate the Pistons...


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